Rio Carnival Hotel and Accommodations

Where you want to stay is an important consideration to make when planning a vacation to Rio Carnival. There are three basic accommodation types for travelers visiting Rio de Janeiro: Hotels, Hostels and Rental Apartments. Hotels, hostels and apartments are available in all neighborhoods and for all levels of luxury and budgets.

The most popular accommodations location during Rio Carnival is the South Zone (Zona Sul), which consists of the beachfront neighborhoods spread out along the Atlantic coast in Ipanema, Copacabana, Leme, Leblon and Arpoador. However, with most of the events of the 2016 Olympics were held in Barra da Tijuca, this neighborhood in the west zone of Rio de Janeiro is up-and-coming and great for families. What’s more, Downtown (Centro) Rio is centrally located and easy to get to via taxi or subway (Rio Metro). There are many wonderful locations to choose from, but what is important is you: your budget and how you want to experience the Carnival.


Rio de Janeiro boasts a large selection of hotel options for travelers to choose from. It is important to note that during Carnival, most hotels in Rio have a mandatory check-in date and a 3 or 4 nights minimum stay. This means that for Rio Carnival 2021, best results for hotel searches are found from Feb 12th at 20th, 2021. Most hotels come with complimentary breakfast. Prices for Rio de Janeiro hotels during Carnival can get rather expensive for the high-end properties, but that doesn’t make the trip out of reach for those looking to experience Rio Carnival on a budget. With all the activities and events of Rio Carnival, it is highly likely that you will spend little time in your hotel room. What’s important is that you have a clean, comfortable and conveniently located hotel room to make your home base during your stay in Rio.

Hotels in Rio de Janeiro


Hostels are a great choice of accommodations for those who wish to experience Rio Carnival on a budget. There are hostels located all throughout Rio de Janeiro, providing a low cost alternative to hotels and apartments. Hostels provide a sociable atmosphere where travelers can rent beds (typically bunk beds in dormitory-style) with a shared bathroom, a general lounge area and kitchen facilities (most hostels). Hostel rooms are either single-sex (male or female) or mixed (co-ed).

Hostels in Rio de Janeiro

Apartment Rentals

Over the years, apartment rentals have become a popular choice of accommodations for travelers visiting Rio de Janeiro during Carnival. Renting an apartment for your stay in Rio is like having a “home away from home”, offering spacious living in the privacy of your own flat. Apartments are available in all neighborhoods of Rio and can be anywhere from 1 bedroom to upwards of 5 bedrooms. Many apartments rental agencies provide cleaning services.

Apartment Rentals in Rio de Janeiro