How to Get to the Sambadrome by Taxi

During Rio Carnival, the government officially authorizes 2 private taxi companies for transportation to and from the Sambodromo. In order to maintain order and reduce the risk of price gauging, the two government authorized companies are granted exclusive access to enter the area surrounding the Sambadrome. Like arriving to the Sambadrome by subway, the appropriate taxi company for you will depend upon the sector for which you have purchased tickets. Each company services a specific side of the venue.

In Rio de Janeiro, taxi cabs are legally allowed to carry up to four passengers. The fare for a one way trip from most areas of the South Zone (Zona Sul) should be approximately US$40. You are advised to establish the price before entering the taxi.The two government authorized taxi companies are Coopertramo and Coopatur.

Coopertramo services spectators with tickets on the odd numbered side of the Sambadrome. The telephone number for the Coopertramo taxi company is: +55 21 2560-2022 OR 2560-1474. If your ticket is for an even numbered sector (2-12), call the Coopatur taxi company at +55 21 3885-1000.

When Departing the Sambadrome

When departing the Sambodromo, government-authorized taxis will be parked outside of Sectors 2 and 4 and Sectors 9 and 11. Should you need any assistance or should you have any questions, both the Coopertramo and Coopatur taxi companies will set up help desks at the Sambadrome. Uniformed agents will be located immediately outside the gates of the venue to assist you. Tell the driver where you need to go, or if you don’t speak Portuguese, write down the address of your destination and hand it to the driver. Remember to establish the price before getting into the taxi. A one way fare from the Sambadrome to the South Zone (Zona Sul) of Rio de Janeiro should be around US$40.

Your taxi driver will know the best way to get to the Sambadrome. However, for your awareness, the most convenient route when traveling from the South Zone is to go through the Santa Bárbara tunnel. When traveling from the North Zone of Rio de Janeiro, you will travel through Rua Itapiru. No matter which direction you are coming from, you must drive over the São Sebastião Viaduct. The São Sebastião Viaduct and the Sambadrome are parallel to one another. After you have passed over the São Sebastião Viaduct, you will immediately see signs for the entrance to all the sectors of the Sambadrome.

Non-Government Authorized Taxis

During Rio Carnival, taxi drivers who are not affiliated with the officially government authorized taxi companies can still take you within reasonable walking distrance of the venue. Remember that you are in greater risk of price gauging, as during Carnival Rio de Janeiro experiences an especially high influx of tourists. Make sure to inform the driver which sector your seats are in so that he or she can get you as cose to your entrance as possible.