Luxury Suites – Carnival Fit for a King

Luxury Boxes (Camarotes) are covered suites located in each sector above the Frisas and below the Grandstands. Camarotes are the most exclusive seats in the Sambadrome. Camarote tickets are the most highly sought after of all Rio Carnival tickets and offer spectacular visibility of the parades from the comfort of your very own indoor box. A Camarote ticket to the Sambadrome grants you access to your specially decorated indoor suite, along with VIP services that include a buffet, an open bar and waiting service.


Camarotes are the ticket of choice for national and internationally known high-profile people, including celebrities, dignitaries and even royalty. Therefore, while the Sambadrome is widely considered to be the safest spot in South America during the festival of Carnival, Luxury Boxes offer enhanced security. Camarotes are spread out along the Samba runway of the Passarela Professor Darcy Ribeiro from Sectors 2-11. Prior to the renovations in preparation for the 2016 Summer Olympics, Sector 2 was one long structure that only offered luxury boxes.


The Camarotes or luxury boxes are the most exclusive and luxurious tickets to Rio Carnival Sambadrome parades. These private indoor suites offer a truly royal experience, as these are the seats of choice for the rich, famous and well-connected. Luxury suites are also widely used for corporate events. In the Camarotes you get true VIP service with amenities that include sofas, TV’s and top-of-the-line catered food.